Google Gravity – I’m Feeling Lucky By Mr Doob

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Google Gravity! Step into this captivating simulator that allows you to interact with past versions of Google’s search engine in a unique way. In this gravity-defying experience, elements fall just like in zero gravity, and you can even throw them up using your mouse.

Google Gravity provides an entertaining and interactive opportunity to explore the evolution of Google’s interface. Play with the tabs and buttons from previous versions and witness the changes that have shaped Google’s iconic design.

As you navigate through this simulator, you’ll feel like you’re in a zero-gravity environment, where elements seem to float freely. Use your mouse to throw them up and experience the thrill of controlling the gravity around you.

This simulator not only offers an engaging experience but also allows you to relive the nostalgia of past Google versions. Discover how the interface has evolved over time and marvel at the transformation of the search engine we know and love.

Explore, play, and have fun as you interact with Google’s past versions in this unique zero-gravity environment. Get ready for an exciting adventure into the evolution of Google’s search engine!

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