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Welcome to Google Space by Mr Doob, where history meets space exploration! Step into the immersive simulator that takes you on a journey through the evolution of Google’s search engine. Experience the thrill of free-falling elements as you play with Google tabs and buttons from previous versions.

Google Space, powered by Mr. Doob’s creativity, offers a unique and entertaining way to interact with the past looks of Google’s search engine. With every element floating freely in space, you can explore and tinker with various versions of Google’s iconic interface.

This simulator provides a fantastic opportunity to witness the evolution of Google’s design and interface, from its early days to the present. Play with the buttons and tabs that have shaped the way we interact with the internet, all while experiencing the sensation of free-falling in space.

To embark on this exhilarating adventure, play this simulator. Relive the nostalgia, marvel at the transformation, and enjoy the playful exploration of Google’s past versions.

Join us now and engage in the unique experience of Google Space. Rediscover the evolution of Google’s search engine while delighting in the sensation of free-falling through space.

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