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Valorant To CSGO Sens

While both CSGO and VALORANT belong to the FPS genre, they differ significantly in their core concepts. Counter-Strike by Valve has dominated the esports landscape for almost twenty years. In contrast, VALORANT, a newer entrant, has quickly gained popularity in esports. 

With the recent announcement of Counter-Strike 2, getting familiar with the game early might be advantageous. Here’s a guide on how to adjust from VALORANT to CSGO sensitivity.

How to Adjust Your VALORANT to CSGO Sensitivity

Converting sensitivity from VALORANT to CSGO involves a straightforward equation: a sensitivity setting of 1 in VALORANT equals 3.181818 in CSGO.

Due to differences in game engines, movement and aiming vary between VALORANT and CSGO. Maintaining a similar sensitivity is crucial for players transitioning between the two games.

Players can use the aiming for quick conversion. Simply select VALORANT on the left and CSGO on the right before entering your sensitivity numbers. The website also offers advanced options for DPI calculations, catering to those interested in detailed statistics.

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How to Find Your VALORANT Sensitivity

To check your sensitivity in VALORANT, start by opening the game and clicking on the settings icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Navigate to the general tab to view and adjust your VALORANT sensitivity. Additionally, you can customize your scoped sensitivity according to your preferences.

Checking CSGO Sensitivity

To check your sensitivity in CSGO:

  • Open CSGO.
  • Press ESC to access the settings menu.
  • Click on Game Settings.
  • Navigate to the Keyboard/Mouse tab to adjust your sensitivity settings.

Changing CSGO Sensitivity

You have a couple of options for adjusting your sensitivity in CSGO. You can use console commands or change it directly in the game settings.

To change it in-game:

  • Open CSGO and go to Settings.
  • Click on Game Settings.
  • Navigate to the Weapon Keys section under the Horizontal Tab to adjust your sensitivity.

Adjusting Sensitivity via CSGO Console

The CSGO console provides a flexible way to set your sensitivity without navigating through the game’s settings.

To set your sensitivity to 2.7, follow these steps:

  • Open the console and input: sensitivity 2.7

This method lets you tweak settings during gameplay, which can improve mouse or system performance. Using the console offers more flexibility, allowing adjustments on the fly to enhance your gaming experience.

Mastering sensitivity adjustments between VALORANT and CSGO is essential for players navigating the diverse landscapes of both games.

While Counter-Strike has long defined competitive FPS gaming, VALORANT has swiftly risen to prominence with its own distinct mechanics. As CSGO looms on the horizon, familiarizing oneself early with its nuances can offer a competitive edge.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can seamlessly transition their sensitivity settings from VALORANT to CSGO.

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