Is Uno Crossplatform?


Uno is now available on gaming devices, enhancing the experience. However, many fans wonder: does Uno support crossplay? In simpler terms, can you play Uno simultaneously with friends on different platforms?

Cross-platform gaming means a game runs smoothly on different gaming consoles and web browsers at once, ensuring uninterrupted playing.

When it comes to Uno, being cross-platform means a player on one device can play against someone on a different device without having to change devices. So, the question is: Can you play Uno on different consoles at the same time?

Is Uno Crossplay?

No, Uno does not support cross platform play. This means players using different gaming platforms can’t play together. So, Uno players can only play with others using the same device or console online.

For example, if you play Uno online on PS4, only other PS4 users can join your game, not those on Xbox or mobile. However, 

Uno does allow players from different generations to play together. PS4 players can play with PS5 users, and Xbox One players can connect with Xbox Series X/S players.

This is possible because older versions of the game can work together due to backward compatibility. Despite the lack of crossplay, Uno offers consistent features across devices.

For example, all Uno software includes features like video chat support and a theme system, ensuring a similar experience no matter the platform.

PS4  PS5 Xbox One Series X PC
No No No No No

Can you play Uno Mobile with a PS4?

Yes, you can play Uno on your mobile device with a PS4. However, you need a specific app that enables crossplay between Uno on mobile and PS4. This app is called PlayLink.

The PS4 version of Uno works with PlayLink, letting players with the Uno PlayLink app connect up to three smartphones to their PS4 for local multiplayer. Additionally, the Uno PlayLink app supports four-player Classic Play.


Can you play Uno on Xbox and mobile together?

No, Uno doesn’t allow cross-platform play between Xbox and mobile. This means players using mobile devices can’t join games with players on Xbox. Additionally, there’s no feature for crossplay between Xbox consoles and mobile Uno apps.

What stops Uno from having crossplay?

The main reason for Uno’s lack of crossplay isn’t clear yet. However, the game is often more fun when all players, whether nearby or far away, use the same type of device.

This helps avoid potential delays that might happen when playing on different devices, making the gameplay smoother.

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