PSP 2: Pricing details, Release Date, & Key Facts

new psp release date

Sony might be making a new handheld gaming device. This would be a real follow-up to the PS Vita or PSP.

A person who shares information about upcoming hardware says Sony is working on a true portable PlayStation. It will not only stream games like the PlayStation Portal.

The portable device will use a special chip from AMD. This is like what is in other handheld gaming devices. It will be able to play PS4 games on its own.

Sony working on PSP 2?

  • Sony is said to be working on a new PSP or PS Vita.
  • The portable device would play games directly, not just through streaming.
  • AMD will provide the chip that powers the new PlayStation handheld.
  • But it likely won’t be released in the near future.

new psp release date (2)

The handheld might not be released or could be very different later on. This is common for projects that are still being worked on inside a company. The person sharing the information said the exact details they gave about the PS Vita 2 are their best guess.

Sony’s PlayStation Portal is very popular and always sold out. This is true even though it costs $199 and can only stream PS5 games. A PlayStation handheld that can play games on its own would likely be bought quickly by many fans.

It’s not clear if Sony could beat Nintendo in the handheld gaming market. However, Sony will need to support the PSP 2 better than it supported the PS Vita and PSVR 2 so far.

PSP 2 pricing

If Sony makes a new PSP, it will likely cost more than the PS Vita did. The PS Vita came out in 2011. It cost $249.99 for the version with only Wi-Fi. The version with both Wi-Fi and 3G cost $299.99.

The PlayStation Portal costs $199. It can only stream games. It cannot play them on its own. A handheld device that could play PS4-quality games would cost much more than $50 extra.

Nintendo’s prices are also important to think about. The Switch cost $299.99 when it launched in 2017. People think the Switch 2 might cost $400.

Sony might want to make a portable gaming device. This device would be stronger than the Switch 2. It would also rival the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck’s cheapest version was $399 when it first came out. So, Sony’s device would probably cost more than that.

The PSP 2 would likely cost between $300 and $500. Sony is not scared to set high prices for what it sells. The PSVR 2 costs $549. The DualSense Edge costs $199.

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