Tradle – Global Trade Wordle Game

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Are you ready to explore the world economy through an engaging game? Tradle is a unique and educational experience that challenges you to guess countries based on the products they export. Instead of words, you’ll decipher visual clues presented in a tree map.

Tradle is your opportunity to dive into the complexities of global trade in a fun and interactive way. As you play, you’ll gain insights into different countries’ exports and their roles in the global market. Whether you’re an economics enthusiast or simply looking for an intriguing challenge, Tradle has something to offer.

Tradle presents you with a tree map that represents a country’s exports. Your task is to decipher the clues hidden in this visual representation and guess the correct country. You have limited attempts to get it right, just like in the popular game Wordle.

Ready to take on the challenge? Dive into Tradle and put your global economic knowledge to the test. Guess the exporting country and see how quickly you can crack the puzzle.

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