Pet Simulator 99 Value Guide

Pet Sim 99 Value List

Pet Simulator 99 is a fun Roblox game where players collect pets, eggs, and other items.

What makes it unique is that you can place a value on your collection and sell items using a good Pet Simulator 99 value list.

But, selling items is hard if you don’t know their value. Knowing what each item is worth shows you are a skilled collector. That’s where this guide helps.

Today, we’ll look at the values of all items in Roblox – Pet Simulator 99, including enchantments, eggs, and pets. So get ready, because this will be a long guide.

Pet Simulator 99: Complete Item Value Guide

Before listing the values of items in Pet Simulator 99, please note that these values change often and are not always accurate.

Use this list as a guideline, not as a fixed price for items.

Some entries might be missing from the lists. This is due to a lack of information or other reasons.

Full Value List for Mythical, Exotic, Legendary, and Exclusive Pets

Unit Normal Value Golden Value Rainbow Value
Colorful Dragon 1 1 1
Cyborg Bunny 1 1 1
Cyborg Dominus 1 1 1
Cyborg Dragon 1 1 1
Cyborg Panda 1 1 1
Demon 1 1 1
Fire Horse 1 1 1
Flamortuus 1 1 1
Frost Axolotl 1 1 1
Frost Bear 1 1 5
Hell Bat 1 1 1
Hell Fox 1 1 1
Hellish Axolotl 1 1 1
Jolly Cat 1 1 1
Jolly Penguin 1 1 1
Knight Beagle 1 1 1
Ninja Cat 1 1 1
Ninja Maskot 1 1 1
Ninja Turtle 1 1 1
Owl 1 10 60
Pajamas Dog 1 1 1
Potion Poodle 1 1 10
Prince Donkey 1 1 1
Snowflake Dominus 1 1 1
Train Conductor Cat 1 1 3
Train Conductor Dog 1 1 10
Unicorn Kitten 1 1 1
Unicorn Kitten 1 1 1
Wizard Westie 1 18 185
Wyvern of Hades 1 1 1
Witch Cat 5 55 550
Teddy Bear 7 75 750
Broomstick Corgi 17 1.7k 17k
Prickly Panda 700 3 mil
Tech Chest Mimic 1 bil
Lava Scorpion 1 mil
Neon Dog 1 mil 3.5 mil
Wicked Empyrean Dragon 1 mil
Exquisite Elephant 1.1 mil 1.5 mil 3.5 mil
Exquisite Parrot 1.1 mil 1.5 mil 3.5 mil
Lightning Bat 1.1 mil
Sock Cat 1.15 mil
Blobenstein 1.35 mil
Subzero Cat 1.4 mil
Sock Corgi 1.45 mil
Anime Agony 1.5 mil 6.5 mil
Exquisite Cat 1.6 mil 2.5 mil 4 mil
Grumpy Cat 1.7 mil
Nebula Dragon 10.5 mil
Noobortuus 12 mil
Empyrean Agony 12.5 mil
Blueberry Cow 120k
Holiday Pegasus 150k
Domortuus Astra 16 mil
Blue BIG Maskot 160 bil
Unicorn Dragon 160k 1.6 mil
Orange Axolotl 165k
Cosmic Axolotl 180k 1.5 mil
Pterodactyl 2 mil
Hippomelon 2.5 bil
Inferno Cat 2.5 mil
Pop Cat 2.5 mil 5.6 mil
Sock Monkey 2.5 mil
Stacked Doge Noob 2.9 mil
Signature BIG Maskot 200 bil
Holiday Balloon Cat 200k
Super Cat 200k
Super Corgi 200k
Rift Dragon 215k 2 mil
Neon Twilight Cat 230k 1.2 mil
Rainbow Unicorn 250k
Cosmic Dragon 270k 2.1 mil
Cool Cat 290k 600k 2.2 mil
Cosmic Pegasus 3 bil
Hot Dooooog 3.4 tril
Blobfish 3.6 mil
Cool Corgi 300k 900k 2.5 mil
Orca 300k
Pony 300k
Dragonfruit Dragon 320k
Rave Crab 320k
Keyboard Cat 325k
Otter 345k
Hologram Shark 350k 2.4 mil
Ice Cream Cone 350k
Nightmare Spirit 350k 2.5 mil
Redstone Cat 350k 2.5 mil
Gargoyle Dragon 360k
Sapphire Phoenix 4.4 mil
Atlantean Orca 400k 2.5 mil
Emerald Monkey 400k 2.8 mil
Nightmare Bear 400k 3 mil
Capybara 40k
Koala 415k
Super Capybara 430k
Jelly Panda 450k 2.4 mil
Knife Cat 450k 2.6 mil
Mosaic Corgi 450k 650k 2.5 mil
Imp 4k 42k 420k
Sad Cat 5 mil
Guest Noob 5.3 mil
Storm Dragon 5.5 mil
Atlantean Stingray 500k 3 mil
Balloon Dragon 500k 2 mil
Clout Cat 500k 3 mil
Grinch Cat 500k 3 mil
Hologram Tiger 500k 2.8 mil
Jelly Corgi 500k 2.5 mil
Nature Dragon 500k
Neon Cat 500k 2.7 mil
Neon Twilight Tiger 500k 2 mil
Peppermint Angelus 500k
Tiedye Corgi 500k 800k 2 mil
Sea Dragon 515k
Celestial Dragon 530k 3.5 mil
Balloon Corgi 550k 2.3 mil
Chest Mimic 6.1 mil
Doge 6.1 mil
Dominus Astra 6.1 mil
Hell Chest Mimic 6.25 mil
Anime Monkey 600k 2.5 mil
Anime Unicorn 600k 2.5 mil
Cool Dragon 600k 700k 2.5 mil
Floppa 600k 2.3 mil
Mosaic Dove 600k 900k 4 mil
Mosaic Griffin 600k 900k 2.2 mil
Neon Twilight Wolf 600k 2.7 mil
Tiedye Cat 600k 900k 2.2 mil
Cosmic Agony 615k 4.25 mil
Starfall Dragon 625k
Yee-Haw Cat 630k
Empyrean Dominus 650k 3 mil
Fairy Queen 650k
Hologram Axolotl 650k 3 mil
Storm Dominus 650k 3 mil
Galaxy Dragon 7.3 mil
Mushroom King 7.6 mil
Storm Wolf 7.6 mil
Galaxy Pegasus 7.7 mil
Electric Slime 7.8 mil
Anime Corgi 700k 3 mil
Atlantean Dolphin 700k 4 mil
Tiedye Bear 700k 950k 2.5 mil
Crystal Deer 750k 1 mil 3 mil
Crystal Dog 750k 1 mil 3 mil
Nightfall Ram 750k 2.5 mil
Nightfall Tiger 750k 2.5 mil
Nyan Cat 8.1 mil
Wicked Angelus 8.25 mil
Balloon Axolotl 800k 2.5 mil
Diamond Cat 800k 4 mil
Jelly Piggy 800k 3 mil
Lucky Cat 800k
Neon Griffin 800k 2.5 mil
Sleipnir 815k 3.6 mil
Nightmare Kraken 850k 3.5 mil
Present Chest Mimic 850k 4 mil
Tiedye Dragon 850k 1.4 mil 2.2 mil
Punkey 880k
Dominus Darkwing 9 mil
Bladee 9 tril
Amethyst Dragon 900k 3.5 mil
Cyborg Capybara 900k 3.5 mil
Inferno Dominus 900k 4.5 mil
Neon Twilight Dragon 900k 3 mil
Nightfall Pegasus 900k 3 mil
Storm Agony 945k
Nightfall Wolf 950k 3.5 mil

Definitive Huge Pet Values List

Unit Normal Value Golden Value Rainbow Value Shiny Value
Huge Jolly Narwhal 10.75M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Sombrero Chihuahua 105M 30M 245M N/A
Huge Zebra 11.3M 17.5M 34M 23M
Huge Pineapple Cat 11.5M 13.5M 33M 21.5M
Huge Poseidon Corgi 11.5M 14M 35M N/A
Huge Propeller Cat 11.5M 13.75M 35M N/A
Huge Ghost 11.75M 14.5M 40M 27.5M
Huge Pixel Corgi 11M 13.75M 37.5M 23.5M
Huge Robber Pug 12.3M 18M 37M 26M
Huge Fluffy Cat 12.5M 15M 37M 27.5M
Huge Luau Cat 12.5M 18M 42M 24M
Huge Evolved Hell Rock 12.75M N/A 31.5M N/A
Huge Knight Beagle 12.75M 20M 37.5M 26.5M
Huge Mosaic Lamb 12.75M 16M 37.5M 30M
Huge Strawberry Corgi 13.5M N/A 38.5M 27.5M
Huge Angel Cat 130M 240M N/A N/A
Huge BIG Maskot 13M N/A 42M N/A
Huge Evolved Peacock 13M N/A 40M N/A
Huge Wizard Westie 14.3M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Tiedye Bunny 14.4M 28M 85M 52.5M
Huge Cyborg Dragon 14.5M 25M 75M 40M
Huge Holiday Pegasus 14.5M N/A 50M 30M
Huge Evolved Pterodactyl 15.25M N/A 50M N/A
Huge Firefighter Dalmatian 15.75M 23.75M 47.5M 50M
Huge Chroma Lucky 15M N/A 65M 32.5M
Huge Emoji Cat 15M N/A 50M 32M
Huge Stealth Bobcat 15M 19.5M 75M 50M
Huge Stealth Dragon 15M 19.5M 50M 35M
Huge Unicorn Dragon 15M N/A 45M 225M
Huge Exquisite Parrot 16.25M 28M 75M 52.5M
Huge Evolved King Cobra 16.5M N/A 45M N/A
Huge Pirate Parrot 16.5M 40M 70M 45M
Huge Cosmic Axolotl 16.75M N/A 45M 27.5M
Huge Butterfly 165M 235M N/A O/C
Huge Nightmare Spirit 16M N/A 55M 35M
Huge Pixel Dragon 16M 25M 75M 45M
Huge Shadow Dominus 16M 18.25M 43.5M 36M
Huge Tiedye Axolotl 17.5M 32.5M 95M 67.5M
Huge Mermaid Cat 18.5M 32M 57.5M N/A
Huge Cool Cat 18M 47.5M 140M 90M
Huge Vampire Bat 18M 19M 85M 50M
Huge Atlantean Orca 19.5M N/A 65M 45M
Huge Evolved Cupcake 19.5M N/A 47.5M N/A
Huge Chroma Lucky Block Mimic 20.5M N/A 210M 65M
Huge Arcade Cat 20M 40M 85M 47.5M
Huge Empyrean Agony 20M 28.5M 80M 45M
Huge Fire Horse 20M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Sailor Shark 20M 30M 90M 50M
Huge Emoji Monkey 21.5M N/A 80M 40M
Huge Evolved Pixel Cat 21.75M N/A 60M N/A
Huge Amethyst Dragon 21M N/A 75M 45M
Huge Giraffe 21M 24M 63M N/A
Huge Atlantean Dolphin 23.5M N/A 90M 55M
Huge Jelly Corgi 23.5M N/A 105M 55M
Huge Peppermint Angelus 23.75M N/A 85M 60M
Huge Celestial Dragon 23M N/A 115M 375M
Huge Exquisite Cat 23M 40M 90M 62.5M
Huge Nightmare Kraken 24.5M N/A 85M 50M
Huge Cyborg Cat 24M 32M 125M N/A
Huge Hoverboard Cat 25.5M 37.5M 85M N/A
Huge Sun Angelus 25.75M 28M 87.5M 55M
Huge Evolved Hacked Cat 25M N/A 52.5M N/A
Huge Party Penguin 25M 30M 125M 70M
Huge Tech Chest Mimic 26.5M 35M 90M N/A
Huge Hippomelon 26M N/A 90M 45M
Huge Sandcastle Cat 26M 75M 240M 110M
Huge Wild Fire Agony 27.5M 30M 85M 60M
Huge Shark 28.5M 50M 320M 145M
Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE 28M N/A 72.5M 50M
Huge Jelly Piggy 30.5M N/A 195M 100M
Huge Fox 30M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Pinata Cat 30M 60M 765M 105M
Huge Red Panda 31.75M 33M 62.5M N/A
Huge Bear 31M 40M 420M 120M
Huge Masked Owl 31M 37M 150M 90M
Huge Dove 32.5M 50M N/A 100M
Huge Fairy 32.5M 40M 260M 120M
Huge Crocodile 32.75M 57.5M 75M N/A
Huge Cosmic Agony 34.5M N/A 82.5M 55M
Huge Pufferfish 34.5M 55M 320M 190M
Huge Cow 34M N/A N/A N/A
Huge White Tiger 35M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Kraken 39M 75M 185M 120M
Huge Stunt Unicorn 400M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Tiki Dominus 45M 47M 145M 155M
Huge Gamer Shiba 52.5M 57.5M 145M 160M
Huge Apple Capybara 55M 175M 400M 175M
Huge Fossil Dragon 55M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Bearserker 600M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Safari Dog 60M 155M 375M 275M
Huge Party Monkey 62.5M 85M 350M 205M
Huge Shadow Griffin 65M 70M 385M 200M
Huge Basketball Retriever 75M 80M 225M 395M
Huge Present Cat 800M N/A N/A N/A
Huge Happy Rock 9.5M 16M 32.5M 18.5M
Huge Hell Rock 9.7M 10.7M 32.5M N/A
Huge Balloon Monkey N/A N/A N/A N/A

Titanic Pet Values Overview

Unit Normal Value
Titanic Blobfish 150 mil
Titanic Hippomelon 150 mil
Titanic Blue Balloon Cat 32 mil
Titanic Red Balloon Cat 32 mil
Titanic Cosmic Pegasus 34 mil
Titanic Dominus Astra 34 mil
Titanic Jelly Cat 35 mil
Titanic Hologram Cat 36 mil
Titanic Hubert 36 mil
Titanic Mystic Corgi 38 mil
Titanic Tiedye Cat 38 mil
Titanic Tiedye Dragon 38 mil
Titanic Balloon Monkey 39 mil
Titanic Capybara 39 mil
Titanic Lucki 39 mil
Titanic Nightmare Cat 41 mil
Titanic Atlantean Jellyfish 42 mil
Titanic Neon Agony 43 mil
Titanic Jolly Cat 45 mil
Titanic Fire Dragon 50 mil
Titanic Cat 60 mil

Every Egg Value Explained

Unit Value
Hut Egg 1 Gold Bar
Grave Egg 1 Gold Bar, 500k coins
Ice Castle Egg 1,000 Emerald Coins
Wood Egg 1,500 Coins
Anchor Egg 1,500 Gold Bars
Ice Egg 1,500 Platinum Coins
Sweets Egg 10,000 Emerald Bars
Golden Brick Egg 10,000 Emerald Coins
Coconut Egg 10,000 Gold Bars
Frosted Geode Egg 100 Emerald Coins
Jungle Egg 100 Gold Bars
Ninja Egg 100 Platinum Bars
Hot Air Balloon Egg 100,000 Emerald Bars
Ship Egg 100,000 Gold Bars
Dog Egg 100k coins
Lucky Eggs 100K Gems
Diamonds 110K Gems
Dungeon Egg 15 Emerald Bars
Angel Egg 15 Sapphire Coins
Obsidian Egg 15,000 Platinum Coins
Spotted Egg 150 Coins
Sandcastle Egg 150 Gold Bars
Icicle Egg 150 Platinum Coins
Colorful Cloud Egg 150 Sapphire Coins
Runic Egg 150,000 Emerald Coins
Zebra Egg 150,000 Gold Bars
Tentacle Egg 150,000 Platinum Coins
Huge Hunter 1M Gems
Shiny Hunter 1M Gems
Royal Egg 2 Emerald Coins
Spike Egg 2 Gold Bars
Sandstone Egg 2 Platinum Coins
Gummy Egg 2,000 Emerald Bars
Lantern Egg 2,000 Platinum Bars
Teddy Egg 2,500 Emerald Coins
Colorful Geode Egg 20 Emerald Coins
Crimson Egg 20 Gold Bars
Hyena Egg 20 Platinum Coins
Blossom Egg 20,000 Coins
Bonsai Egg 20,000 Platinum Bars
Empyrean Egg 200 Emerald Bars
Ice Sculpture Egg 200 Emerald Coins
Cheetah Egg 200,000 Gold Bars
Pixie Egg 200,000 Platinum Bars
Dragon Egg 200k coins
Exotic Pet 200K Gems
Criticals 20K Gems
Speed 20K Gems
Tap Power 20K Gems
Toy Egg 25,000 Emerald Bars
Cobblestone Egg 25,000 Emerald Coins
Tiki Egg 25,000 Gold Bars
Paw Egg 250 Coins
Palm Tree Egg 250 Gold Bars
Cloud Egg 250,000 Emerald Bars
Cloud House Egg 3 Sapphire Coins
Atlantis Egg 3,000 Gold Bars
Thawed Egg 3,500 Platinum Coins
Heaven Egg 30 Sapphire Coins
Volcano Egg 30,000 Platinum Coins
Wizard Egg 300,000 Emerald Coins
Cactus Egg 300,000 Gold Bars
Hell Egg 300,000 Platinum Coins
Lucky Block 300K Gems
Treasure Hunter 30K Gems
Shadow Egg 35 Emerald Bars
Sandcastle Egg 35,000 Gold Bars
Beach Ball Egg 350 Gold Bars
Snowman Egg 350 Platinum Coins
Rainbow Egg 350 Sapphire Coins
Rock Egg 350k coins
Blast 35K Gems
Dandelion Egg 4 Emerald Coins
Cowboy Egg 4 Platinum Coins
Pumpkin Egg 4,000 Coins
Ice Cream Egg 4,500 Emerald Bars
Overgrown Egg 40 Gold Bars
Melted Egg 40 Platinum Coins
Cotton Candy Egg 400 Emerald Bars
Mythic Egg 400 Emerald Bars
Pedal Egg 400,000 Platinum Bars
Colorful Mosaic Egg 45 Emerald Coins
Fossil Egg 450,000 Gold Bars
Fortune 450K Gems
Corgi Egg 45k coins
Firefly Egg 5,500 Emerald Coins
Carnival Egg 50,000 Emerald Bars
Sunny Egg 50,000 Gold Bars
Hot Cocoa Egg 500 Emerald Coins
Cloud Forest Egg 500,000 Emerald Bars, 1 Sapphire Coin
Cloud Castle Egg 500,000 Emerald Bars, 6 Sapphire Coins
Eerie Egg 500,000 Emerald Coins, 1 Emerald Bar
Abyssal Egg 500,000 Emerald Coins, 3 Emerald Bars
Cursed Egg 500,000 Emerald Coins, 7 Emerald Bars
Sakura Egg 500,000 Platinum Coins, 6 Platinum Bars
Geode Egg 500k coins
Sprout Egg 500k coins, 4 Gold Bars
Chest Mimic 500K Gems
Lightning 50K Gems
Strong Pets 50K Gems
Cloud Garden Egg 550,000 Emerald Bars
Mushroom Egg 6 Gold Bars
Hive Egg 6,000 Coins
Tropical Egg 6,000 Gold Bars
Ruins Egg 60,000 Emerald Coins
Coins 60K Gems
Grass Egg 650 Coins
Witch Egg 650,000 Emerald Coins
Metal Egg 650,000 Platinum Coins
Magma Egg 7,000 Platinum Coins
Heaven Castle Egg 70 Sapphire Coins
Bone Egg 70,000 Platinum Coins
Coral Egg 700 Gold Bars
Cat Egg 70k coins
Pirate Egg 75,000 Gold Bars
Yeti Egg 750 Platinum Coins
Chest Breaker 750K Gems
Firework 75K Gems
Beach Egg 8,500 Gold Bars
Treasure Egg 80 Emerald Bars
Mossy Egg 80 Gold Bars
Snow Egg 80 Platinum Coins
Garden Egg 80,000 Platinum Bars
Crowned Egg 850,000 Platinum Bars
Colorful Egg 9 Emerald Coins
Spirit Egg 9 Gold Bars
Canyon Egg 9 Platinum Coins
Acorn Egg 9,500 Coins
Cracked Egg 90 Coins
Midas Touch 90K Gems
Egyptian Egg 950,000 Gold Bars

Comprehensive Pet Item Value List

Item Value
Strength Charm 90K Gems
Coins Flag 600 Gems
Rainbow Fruit 200 Gems
Crystal Key 12K Gems
Booth Slot Voucher 35K Gems
Squeaky Toy 250 Gems
Comet 300 Gems
Spinny Wheel Ticket 9K Gems
Diamonds Charm 60K Gems
TNT Crate 1K Gems
Royalty Charm 500K Gems
Coins Charm 40K Gems
Nametag 1.5K Gems
Bonus Charm 50K Gems
Magic Coin Jar 400 Gems
Agility Charm 7K Gems
Hasty Flag 500 Gems
Giant Coin Jar 1.7K Gems
Cat Hoverboard 70K Gems
Clan Voucher 150K Gems
Glittering Charm 120K Gems
Balloon Hoverboard 100K Gems
Magnet Flag 500 Gems
Basic Coin Jar 300 Gems
Fire Dragon Hoverboard 200K Gems
Diamonds Flag 800 Gems
Gift Bag 3K Gems
Large Gift Bag 6K Gems
High Tech Hoverboard 35K Gems
TNT 500 Gems
Fortune Flag 2K Gems

Pet Enchant Value Breakdown

Enchant Value
Lucky Eggs 100K Gems
Diamonds 110K Gems
Huge Hunter 1M Gems
Shiny Hunter 1M Gems
Exotic Pet 200K Gems
Criticals 20K Gems
Speed 20K Gems
Tap Power 20K Gems
Lucky Block 300K Gems
Treasure Hunter 30K Gems
Blast 35K Gems
Fortune 450K Gems
Chest Mimic 500K Gems
Lightning 50K Gems
Strong Pets 50K Gems
Coins 60K Gems
Chest Breaker 750K Gems
Firework 75K Gems
Midas Touch 90K Gems


Here is our complete list of values for all items, pets, and enchants in Pet Simulator 99. These values are not fixed and can change quickly. Use this list as a general guide for approximate costs.

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