Is Madden 24 Crossplay?

Is Madden 24 Crossplay

The roar of the crowd fills the stadium as Madden 24 throws down the gauntlet for football fans! This year’s edition shatters limitations with cross-platform play, letting you assemble your dream team or challenge rivals across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. 

Dive into classic head-to-head battles, build your ultimate franchise in Madden Ultimate Team, or experience the adrenaline rush of Superstar KO and Showdown modes. 

Madden 24 expands your competition pool and delivers the heart-pounding action of the NFL like never before. Prepare to strategize, dominate, and celebrate victory on the gridiron!

Madden 24 is here to deliver another season of virtual gridiron glory. But with the rise of cross-platform gaming, Madden diehards are itching to know: can you challenge friends and foes on different consoles this year? 

Buckle up and get ready to see if Madden 24 breaks the huddle on cross-platform play.

Does Madden 24 Support Crossplay?



Xbox One

Series X


Madden 24 on PS4 does not support cross play.

Xbox Series X

Madden 24 on Xbox One does not support cross play.


Xbox Series X




Madden 24 throws a touchdown with crossplay! Gear up to challenge friends across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles right from launch. This exciting feature expands your competition pool, letting you battle it out with a wider range of players.  

However, keep in mind that crossplay is exclusive to the latest generation consoles – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players won’t be able to join the crossplay party. 

If you prefer to stick to competition within your own console ecosystem, that’s perfectly fine! You can easily disable crossplay in the settings. On Xbox Series X/S, navigate to the console settings. 

For PlayStation 5 and PC players, the option is conveniently located within the game’s settings menu.

How Can You Play Madden 24 Across Platforms with Friends?

  • Madden NFL 24 lets you team up with friends online. Head to “EA Social” to find them – it’s your hub for connecting with other players.
  • Search for your friend using their unique EA ID or their username for PlayStation (PSN) or Xbox (Gamertag).
  • Send them a friend request to join forces!
  • Once they accept, you can invite them to play together across different consoles in any mode that supports crossplay.

What game modes in Madden 24 allow crossplay?

Madden 24 lets you team up with friends across consoles in Head-to-Head (H2H), build your dream team together in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), or battle it out in the fast-paced Superstar KO and Superstar Showdown modes! 

To find your friends online, head to “EA Social” and search for them using their EA ID or their console username (PSN or Xbox Gamertag).

Does Madden 24 offer cross-progression?

Madden 24 offers something cool for players who like to jump between consoles. If you switch from your PlayStation 5 to an Xbox Series X/S or even a PC, your progress and the gear you’ve collected in Superstar mode will carry over with you. 

This way, you can keep building your superstar no matter which device you’re using to play!

What impact will Cross Platform Matchmaking have on Madden 24?

Gear up to challenge friends and foes across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. This game-changer expands your competition pool, letting you battle it out with a wider range of players. 

No more waiting around for friends on the same console – jump into matches faster and experience the thrill of head-to-head competition against a global audience. With a larger pool of challengers, you’ll constantly be tested and improve your skills as you dominate the gridiron.

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