Is A Way Out Crossplatform and What are the Options?

Is A Way Out Crossplatform

A Way Out’s gameplay revolves around two inmates trying to run away from prison and overcoming challenges during the escape attempt.

Since it’s a co-op game, you and your friend must cooperate together to literally find “a way out.” This raises the question: Is A Way Out cross platform play supported?

Continue reading below. We’ll answer this and provide all the necessary information about the game’s cross-platform feature.

Is A Way Out Crossplay?

A Way Out doesn’t allow crossplay. To play together, you and your friend must share the same gaming platform.

The game offers the online mode and local co-operative mode, but for online play, both players need to own the game on the same platform. Despite fan requests, cross-platform play isn’t a priority for the developers. 

PS5 PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series S|X PC
Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available

Lack of A Way Out Crossplay is a Negative

The absence of cross platform play and cross-progression in A Way Out can be disappointing for gamers on different gaming systems. If you’re interested in crossplay, consider exploring other games that offer this feature.

Hazelight Studios, the game’s developer, hasn’t implemented cross platform play for A Way Out. Despite this, they have managed to include cross-progression in their recent title.

To play A Way Out together, ensure that both players are on the same console—similar to escaping from prison. The irony is not lost! 

Future of Cross Platform in A Way Out

The benefits of crossplay are clear. It expands the player base, reducing wait times for matchmaking and allowing for more diverse and competitive gameplay.

For cooperative games like “A Way Out,” crossplay can enhance the experience by making it easier to find a partner to enjoy the story with, regardless of their console or PC.

As technology evolves and gaming platforms become more advanced, the barriers to crossplay are likely to diminish.

Developers are finding new ways to address technical challenges and ensure smooth, synchronized gameplay across different systems. Additionally, player demand for crossplay is putting pressure on companies to prioritize this feature in future releases.

Is A Way Out Crossplatform

Looking ahead, the future of crossplay in gaming seems bright. As more games adopt this feature and demonstrate its success, it’s likely that other titles, including potential sequels or new cooperative experiences from Hazelight Studios, the developers of “A Way Out,” will follow suit.

This would mark a significant step forward in creating a more unified and accessible gaming community.

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