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Prepare yourself for a pulse-quickening adventure with “Escape the Ayuwoki.” Your nerves will be tested as you navigate through a haunted mansion, solving puzzles and searching for the elusive red key that holds the key to your freedom.

Enter a world shrouded in mystery and suspense. To escape the clutches of the Ayuwoki, you must solve a series of puzzles scattered throughout the mansion. Each puzzle unravels more of the chilling narrative, bringing you one step closer to freedom.

Your quest for escape centers around a single item: the red key. Discover its location, unlock the main gate, and break free from the sinister confines of the mansion. But beware, the Ayuwoki is always watching, and time is of the essence.

Gather your friends for a multiplayer experience like no other. Work together to solve puzzles, share clues, and overcome the terror that lurks in every corner. Can your team make it out alive?

Use your wits to navigate the mansion’s ominous rooms and corridors. Every corner holds a secret, and every door could be your ticket to freedom.

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