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Your primary objective in Tail of the Dragon is to grow your dragon’s length by collecting tails and strategically knocking down blocks. Activate fireball mode for an extra dose of destruction as you navigate through the game’s immersive environment. The dragon’s head aims to catch its tail, creating a thrilling pursuit that demands skill and strategy.

Control the movement of your dragon, strategically navigating the space to gather tails and unleash fiery chaos. The more tails you collect, the longer and more powerful your dragon becomes. Be cautious, though – the challenge intensifies as you strive to outmaneuver other players and emerge as the longest dragon in the arena.

The gameplay in Tail of the Dragon is both engaging and competitive. Players in the middle must give their best effort to avoid the dragon’s head, while the one controlling the head strategically moves the line to tag the last player. It’s a game of wits, reflexes, and skill that promises an exhilarating experience every time you dive into the adventure.

Indulge in the thrilling pursuit of becoming the ultimate dragon in the exciting world of Tail of the Dragon. Immerse yourself in a game of tail-chasing excitement, overcome challenges, and revel in the satisfaction of outlasting your opponents.

Discover the magic of Tail of the Dragon and join the community to share your experiences, tips, and strategies. Unleash the power of the dragon and let the adventure begin!

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