Spend Steve Jobs Money

Image of Steve Jobs Spend Steve Jobs Money
Start with default timer
Wooden Hanger
Organic Food Bag
Toy Story Buzz
Coffe Beans
School Bag
Hamburger & Fries
Stationery Supplies
Weather station Barometer
Clasic Clock
Fruit Pack
Stamps Pack
NBA Basketball
PS4 controller
Black Suit
Camera 250C losh
Sports Kit
Dumbbell (Barbell Fitness)
Military uniform
Australian Sheep
Xbox One
Dre wireless headphones,
Movie Drone
Air conditioning HVAC
Sphygmomanometer Blood pressure
Electric Oven
Shawarma Maker
Bedroom Closet
Brown Leather Chair
Intel Core i9 microprocessor
First Aid Kit
Coffe Maker
AMD FX Gaming computer
Auto rickshaw
Vacuum cleaner
Samsung Gear VR
Scooter Piaggio
Car Automotive Engine
School Bus
Gold Ring
black Audi V13
Jeep MP320
ARB Yacht
Residencial Building
Shoping Center


Welcome to the intriguing world of Spend Steve Jobs Money Game, a virtual adventure where you take on the role of the legendary tech visionary with his substantial fortune at your disposal. As you step into Steve Jobs’ shoes, the game unfolds in a sleek and minimalist virtual marketplace, echoing the iconic design philosophy he championed throughout his career.

Unlike other spending simulators, this game is all about strategic decision-making with a time-bound challenge. A timer ticks away, urging you to channel your inner innovator and make impactful choices swiftly. Will you invest in cutting-edge technology, support revolutionary startups, or perhaps delve into philanthropy, mirroring Jobs’ diverse interests?

Additionally, each transaction comes with a digital receipt, providing a detailed breakdown of your financial decisions. Analyze your expenditures, track your progress, and witness the tangible impact of your choices. The combination of the timer and receipt features adds depth to the gameplay, creating a dynamic and immersive experience reminiscent of Jobs’ visionary approach to technology and design.

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