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Welcome to Short Life, the game that takes physics-based platforming to a whole new level. This thrilling adventure challenges you to guide a ragdoll character through a series of intense and often hilarious levels.

Short Life offers you a range of characters to choose from, and you can unlock more as you collect stars throughout the game. Each character adds a unique twist to the gameplay, making every level an exciting new experience.

The core of the game lies in controlling your ragdoll character as you navigate the treacherous terrain. With 16 levels of increasing difficulty, you’ll need quick reflexes and a good sense of timing to survive.

What sets Short Life apart is its focus on physics. The ragdoll movements are realistic, making each level a puzzle in itself. You’ll need to figure out the right balance of movement and timing to overcome various obstacles and traps.

Prepare for a fun and sometimes frustrating adventure in Short Life. Can you guide your character through all 16 levels and emerge victorious? Test your skills, choose your character, and embark on this unique physics-based platforming journey. Play now and experience the excitement!

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