Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List: Ultimate Character Rankings

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List

This article shares a Risk of Rain 2 tier list, ranking characters from best to worst.

Risk of Rain 2 is a well-liked third-person shooter roguelike by Hopoo Games. The game features many characters known as “survivors.” Choosing the best survivors can be challenging. This tier list ranks all survivors, highlighting their pros and cons.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List: Characters Ranking List

Here’s a comprehensive ranking of the top characters in Risk of Rain 2:


The S tier in Risk of Rain 2 has the best survivors. They excel in staying alive, usefulness, moving around, and damage.


Railgunner is a specialist sniper with an initial health of 110, which rises by 33 per level. She starts with a damage output of 12, increasing by 2.4 with each level.

Her unique ability, the Charged Perforator, enables her to effectively eliminate distant enemies. With precision and long-range skills, she dominates the battlefield by picking off targets from afar.


Captain begins with 110 health, which increases by 33 for every level gained. He deals 12 damage initially, with a 2.4 increase per level.

Despite his relatively lower health, Captain excels due to his potent crowd control abilities. His Orbital Strikes and Vulcan Shotgun create chaos among enemies, establishing him as a formidable adversary capable of turning the tide of battle.


Bandit starts with 110 health, scaling up by 33 per level, and inflicts 12 damage, increasing by 2.4 per level. His passive ability, Backstab, and his trusty Lights Out revolver equip him to target single adversaries effectively.

Bandit delivers substantial burst damage when needed, making him a swift and deadly opponent in combat.


Loader boasts an impressive starting health of 160, gaining an additional 48 health per level, second only to MUL-T. Her damage starts at 12, with a 2.4 increase per level.

Known for agility and prowess, Loader excels in handling both bosses and groups of enemies effortlessly. Her skill set and maneuverability make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


A-tier survivors are powerful but have small weaknesses compared to S tiers. They can still handle most content without difficulty.


Huntress features 90 health (+27 per level) and is known for her swift movements and agility, which allow her to maneuver effectively during battles.

Her damage output is set at 12 (+2.4 per level). Although she lacks area-of-effect skills, she excels in dealing significant damage to individual targets with precision.

Void Fiend

Void Fiend maintains 110 health (+33 per level) and deals 12 damage (+2.4 per level). This character is versatile, proficient in both close-quarters and ranged combat tactics, making it adaptable to diverse battle scenarios.


MUL-T delivers consistent damage with 11 (+2.2 per level) and possesses a robust health pool of 200 (+60 per level).

Known for its prowess in crowd control, MUL-T excels at managing multiple foes simultaneously. Additionally, it has the unique capability of dual-wielding weapons, further enhancing its combat effectiveness.


B-tier survivors can be used effectively but often need more skill to play or have drawbacks.


Acrid possesses 160 health, which increases by 48 per level. Utilizing poisonous attacks, Acrid specializes in gradually weakening formidable adversaries.

However, his effectiveness diminishes when facing groups of enemies, and his damage output is notably weaker against bosses.


The Mercenary is a daring choice among characters, boasting 110 health and an additional 20 armor. His health increases by 33 per level, while his base damage starts at 12 and rises by 2.4 with each level. Skilled players can leverage his agility and melee prowess for aggressive and high-risk gameplay strategies.


Heretic stands out with a robust health pool starting at 440, escalating by 132 per level. His damage output begins at 18 and increases by 3.6 per level.

As an elusive hidden character, Heretic’s playstyle is constrained by the necessity for highly specific item builds to achieve significant power, limiting his overall versatility.

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List


C-tier survivors find it hard to perform well in tougher levels. They are suggested for new players but need more work to succeed.


Artificer is particularly effective in the early game thanks to her wide-reaching area-of-effect abilities, which can swiftly clear groups of enemies.

As the game progresses, her effectiveness diminishes due to her relatively low base health of 110, which increases by 33 per level. 

To remain competitive in later stages, Artificer requires strategic acquisition of specific late-game items that enhance her survivability and damage output.


Commando boasts a steady damage output of 12, increasing by 2.5 per level, paired with a robust health pool starting at 110 and scaling up by 33 per level.

Despite these balanced attributes, Commando’s special abilities lack the potency seen in other survivors, limiting his impact as the game advances. 

His strengths lie primarily in the early stages, where his durability and consistent damage make him a reliable choice for tackling initial challenges.