PS5 themes arrive, but users face a disappointing restriction

PS5 Themes

The PS5 Explore section has changed. It has some new things that people did not expect. Sony made this update.

  • The PS5 just got an update. It changed how the Explore tab looks.
  • The update adds themes to the PS5. This is a new feature.
  • But the themes only show up in the Explore tab. You can’t see them anywhere else on the PS5.
  • Sony is still testing the new Explore tab. They might change it later.
  • It’s not clear if Sony will let people use themes on the main PS5 screens in the future.

People like PS5 themes. They want to change how the PS5 screen looks. This is not possible now. The PS3 and PS4 allowed this. The PS5 does not let you do it yet. Sony has not given PS5 this feature.

Sony changed how the PlayStation Explore section looks. This section is only in the US right now.

The new Explore has some good changes. You can see how much battery your controller and headset have left. It shows the trophies you are trying to get. You can see pictures and videos from your games.

PS5 Themes (2)

 It lets you know what your friends are playing. You can look at your wishlist. It also shows how much space is left on your PS5.

But PS5 backgrounds came out in a different way than people thought they would.

You can now pick a different wallpaper for the Explore section. There are six options from PlayStation. You can also use a picture you took in a PS5 game.

The animated wallpaper is only in the Explore area of the PlayStation. You won’t see it in other menus on the PlayStation. It only works in this one place.

The PS5 displays just the picture for each game when you look through them. Some people might not like this.

The PS5 does not have backgrounds that move. This is not the same as the new Xbox consoles from Microsoft.

Xbox systems have had moving backgrounds for a while. The Xbox One did not allow this. It also could not use themes.

On the other hand, the PS4 had this ability. But now things are different for the new Xbox and PlayStation devices.

The new Explore section is not ready for all users. It is still being tested. Your PS5 screen will look different soon.

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