PS5 Earbuds Release Date And Price

Initially, it was difficult to find the PlayStation Earbuds for PS5 in stock in 2024, but it’s now much easier. These earbuds are officially called the “PlayStation Pulse Explore.” 

They are wireless and tailored for PlayStation 5 users, utilizing Sony’s highly praised wireless earbud technology specifically for gaming. Additionally, they are the only wireless earbuds compatible with the PlayStation Portal remote player.

As indicated by our PlayStation Portal restock tracker, the PlayStation Earbuds were initially out of stock. Now, Sony has increased production, making the PS5 Earbuds more readily available.

Sony’s existing WF-1000XM4 and WF-1000XM5 earbuds can also be used with the PlayStation 5, though you need to buy an extra Bluetooth adapter to connect them to both the PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition consoles. 

While this is an option for those who already have these earbuds, it doesn’t offer the same experience as the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds.

The PlayStation Earbuds not only enable voice chat with friends but also offer additional benefits like console notifications for battery life and lossless audio.

Introduced with the Sony Project Q, now called the PlayStation Portal, the PS5 earbuds deliver the quality of Sony’s wireless earbuds with enhancements specifically for gamers. There is also a high demand for these PS5 earbuds, in addition to the over-ear Sony PS5 Pulse 3D headset that was released with the console.

PS5 Earbuds Release Date

The PlayStation wireless earbuds work with the PS5, mobile devices, and PCs. They use a “new wireless technology from SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment),” named PlayStation Link. 

This technology offers clear audio without delay. Switching between devices such as the PS5 and PlayStation Portal is easy.

Here’s all you need to know about the PlayStation Earbuds, now officially called the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds.

PS5 Earbuds: Official Launch Date Details

The release date for the PS5 earbuds was December 6, 2023. We initially thought they would launch in November to coincide with the PlayStation Portal, which came out on November 15, 2023, but they did not.

Owners of the PlayStation Portal had to use a wired headset for nearly a month because the PS5 Earbuds. 

Which are one of just two devices that utilize Sony’s new PlayStation Link technology for wireless audio, were released later. This is due to the PlayStation Portal not supporting Bluetooth.

Additionally, the PlayStation Earbuds were launched after the release of Sony’s PS5 Slim, which is a smaller, less expensive, and more stylish version of the PlayStation 5, released in November.

Set for Launch: Pre-Order Timeline for PlayStation Earbuds

The pre-order date for the PlayStation Earbuds was set for November 9 at 10am local time, which was more than a month before their release.

Sony allowed a significant gap between the pre-order phases for the PS5 DualSense Edge controller and the PSVR 2 headset. 

Luckily, similar to the Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle, Sony has made the PS5 earbuds available through other retailers, not just the official PlayStation Store.

Sony has a strategy of initially selling its products exclusively through its own channels for a period before allowing sales through other retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. 

While this approach maximizes early profits for Sony, it can limit sales over time and sometimes causes gamers to miss out on purchasing these items.

PS5 Earbuds Release Date

How Much Do PS5 Earbuds Cost?

We guessed the price of PS5 earbuds would be between $99 and $199, and they ended up costing $199.99. This price is higher than the PS5 Pulse Elite wireless headset, which is an over-ear model with similar features priced at $149.99.

Even though they’re expensive, they’re still less costly than the Sony WF1000-XM5 earbuds and the Sony INZONE H9, both priced at $299. However, the Pulse Explore earbuds are the only ones from Sony that work perfectly with the PS5 and are specifically designed as wireless earbuds.

Adding to the complexity, Sony also launched the Sony Inzone Buds for $199. These work with both PS5 and PC and feature active-noise canceling. Unlike the Pulse Explore, they don’t have PlayStation Link or lossless audio. It’s unusual for Sony to offer two similar products, which might confuse buyers.

Key Specifications of PlayStation Earbuds

The specifications of the PlayStation Earbuds are quite impressive. They utilize a new wireless technology for “excellent sound quality” through lossless audio and are equipped with planar magnetic drivers.

In simple terms, unlike the common cone-shaped drivers in most earbuds and headsets, planar drivers are flat. This design allows them to produce a broader and more detailed range of sounds. 

When used with the PlayStation 5’s 3D audio, it results in a clear and immersive listening experience. Planar magnetic drivers are typically found in high-end, over-ear headphones, making their inclusion in the PS5 earbuds a notable feature that helps justify their $199 price.

Additionally, these earbuds come with an AI-enhanced microphone that rejects noise. The Pulse Explore wireless earbuds are designed to filter out consistent background noises, such as those from an air conditioner, ensuring clearer communication with friends.

Sony states that the battery life of these earbuds will last about 5 hours, with an extra 10 hours provided by the charging case. This is less than the XM4s, which have 8 hours of battery life and an additional 16 hours from the case. 

Having less than six hours of battery life per charge is somewhat disappointing, similar to the battery life of the PS5’s DualSense Edge controller. We’ll provide a detailed review of the PlayStation Earbuds after they’re released.

The earbuds also come with a sleek charging case. However, the case isn’t as pocket-friendly as those from other brands, but this may not be a major issue since many people might use the PlayStation Earbuds primarily at home.

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