How Much Is 500 Gifted Subs On Twitch?

How Much Is 500 Gifted Subs On Twitch

Subscribing to a streamer is a great way to show your love! When you subscribe, the streamer gets money from Twitch. More subs can also unlock special icons (emotes) for the channel. As a subscriber, you get to use these emotes in chat.

Gifting Subscriptions

Gifted subs are like regular subs, but you buy them for someone else. They get all the same benefits, like emotes and chat access. Gifted subs can be for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

You can gift subs to anyone in the chat, even people who haven’t watched the stream before. You can even do it when the streamer isn’t live. The person who gets the gift will be notified.

Here’s a simpler way to explain buying Gifted Subs on Twitch:

Buying Gifts for Stream Viewers

  1. Find the streamer you want to support.
  2. Click the subscribe button (it might say “Continue Subscription”). There’s a down arrow next to it, click that.
  3. Choose “Gift a Sub” if you want to pick someone specific. You can even gift to someone who hasn’t seen the stream before!
  4. Pick who gets the gift (optional) or let Twitch surprise someone.
  5. Decide how fancy the gift is (Tier 1, 2, or 3) and how long it lasts (1-12 months). Tier 3 is the most expensive but gives the best perks.
  6. Click “Gift a Sub” and you’re done!

You can find more details on Twitch’s website if you need them.

Money from Gifted Subs

Yes! Streamers get money from gifted subs, just like regular ones. Imagine a tier 1 sub costs $5. Twitch keeps half, so the streamer gets around $2.50. For popular streamers, Twitch might give them a bigger cut, but it depends on their deal.

Gifted Subs – Auto-Renew?

Nope! Gifted subs are one-time gifts. They won’t keep paying after they expire. So if you gift a 3-month sub, the viewer gets it for 3 months and that’s it. No surprise charges!

Getting Gifted Subs on Twitch

There’s no sure way to get someone to gift you a subscription on Twitch. It’s like getting a present – you can’t ask for it! In general, asking for a gift is considered rude.

Here are some tips to increase your chances:

  1. Follow mid-sized channels: You’re more likely to get gifted in a channel with a few hundred viewers than one with thousands. Channels with viewers who frequently gift subs are also good bets.
  2. Be active and supportive: This is the best way to get noticed. Participate in chat in a positive way, following the channel’s vibe. Become a regular, and you might get gifted by another viewer or even the streamer!

Many channels I follow gift me subs because I’m a regular. Sometimes it’s random, sometimes someone chooses me because they recognize me. The more you support a channel, the higher your chances of getting gifted.

How Much Is 500 Gifted Subs On Twitch

Cost of Gifting Subs:

  • Tier 1 sub: $4.99 each
  • 50 Tier 1 subs: $499 + tax
  • 100 Tier 1 subs: $499 + tax

Benefits of Gifted Subs:

  • Viewers: Watch ad-free, use channel emotes, and chat in sub-only mode.
  • Streamers: Get income and build a stronger community with viewers who feel like they belong. Subscribing isn’t required to be part of the community, but it can make viewers feel more connected.

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