How Much Is 100 Subs On Twitch?

How Much Is 100 Subs On Twitch

Subscribing to a Twitch channel is a great way to support your favorite streamers. Each subscription gives the streamer income from Twitch. With enough subscriptions, streamers can add custom emotes to their channel.

As a subscriber, you get access to these emotes. If you want to keep supporting a streamer, you can gift subs to other viewers in their community.

Twitch Gifted Subs: What They Are

On Twitch, viewers or streamers can give gifted subs to other users. These gifted subs have the same features as regular subscriptions.

A user with a gifted sub gets full access to emotes and subscriber-only chat. Gifted subs can be tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3.

A gifted sub can be bought for other viewers, followers, or specific Twitch users. Even if the person has never visited the stream, you can still buy a sub for them.

You can also purchase gifted subs whether the streamer is online or offline. Users who receive a gifted sub will get a notification informing them.

Purchasing Gifted Subs on Twitch

Visit the channel where you want to buy a Gifted Sub. On the right side, find the purple button that says “Subscribe” or “Continue Subscription” if you’re already subscribed. Click the downward arrow on the purple button.

You will now see the screen to buy gifted subs. At the top, you can choose if the gift is anonymous or not.

Click “Gift to a Specific Viewer” to select a Twitch user for the subscription. You can gift to any Twitch account, even if they haven’t visited the channel.

Some users gift to popular streamers like “Ninja” or “Sequisha” as a joke. If you don’t choose a user, the gift will go to someone in the community.

Next, select the number of gifted subs and the Tier level. Higher Tier levels cost more but offer more channel emotes.

You can choose between 1 and 100 gifted subs at a time. The maximum is 100, except for Tier 3 subs, where the limit is 40. To gift more, repeat the process.

If gifting to a specific user, you can choose a subscription length from 1 to 12 months. This keeps them subscribed for up to a year.

When ready, click “Gift a Subscription” to finish. You have now gifted a Twitch Subscription! For more details, check Twitch’s official guide.

Do Streamers Earn from Gifted Subs?

Yes, streamers get the same amount of money from a gifted sub as from a regular subscription. Typically, affiliate streamers get 50% of the subscription cost. For example, a tier 1 sub costs $4.99, so the streamer gets about $2.50 for the gifted sub.

Half of the price goes to Twitch, and the other half goes to the streamer. Partnered popular streamers may get more than 50% for subscriptions, but this depends on their contract with Twitch.

Are Gifted Subs Auto-Renewed?

Gifted subs do not renew automatically. They do not become recurring charges after they expire. If you gift a 3-month sub, it lasts until it expires after 3 months.

When it expires, you won’t be charged again unless you choose to gift another sub. There are no surprise charges on your credit card!

Receiving Gifted Subs on Twitch

There is no sure way to automatically get a gift subscription on Twitch. It’s like asking for a present! Usually, it’s impolite to ask for a gifted sub, just as you wouldn’t ask a friend for a gift. However, here are some ways to increase your chances of receiving one.

1. Join Leading Channels

You have a better chance of getting a gifted sub in a moderately popular channel. In channels with tens of thousands of viewers, it’s less likely to get a random gifted sub due to the large audience.

However, in channels with a few hundred or fewer viewers, your chances increase. It also helps if viewers in the channel are actively gifting many subs.

2. Stay Supportive and Engaged

This is the best advice for getting a gifted sub. Be active in a Twitch channel. Over time, you will likely get a gifted sub from someone. What does being supportive and active mean? It means chatting in ways that fit the channel.

You add to the channel’s vibe without being annoying. If you become a regular, it’s common to get a gifted sub from a viewer or even the streamer.

There are many channels I love where I get gifted subs every month because I’m a regular viewer.

Sometimes it’s random, other times someone chooses to gift me a sub because they know me. If you’re a supportive viewer, you have a higher chance of getting a gifted sub. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s likely.

How Much Is 100 Subs On Twitch

Price for 50 Gifted Twitch Subs

Imagine someone gifting 100 tier 3 subs; that would cost $999.A tier 1 gifted sub on Twitch costs $4.99. Buying 50 tier 1 gifted subs costs $249.50 plus taxes.

If you buy 50 tier 2 gifted subs, it will cost $499.50 plus taxes, depending on your location.

100 Gifted Subs Cost on Twitch

A tier 1 gifted sub on Twitch is $4.99. If you gift 100 tier 1 subs, it will cost $499 plus taxes. Gifting 100 tier 2 subs will be $999 plus any applicable taxes based on your location. The cost for 40 tier 3 gifted subs is $999.60.

You can gift a maximum of 40 tier 3 subs at a time, and you’ll need to repeat the process to gift more.

Gifted Subs Advantages

As a viewer, subscribing lets you watch your favorite streamers without ads, use their emotes, and chat in sub-only mode.

Most streams have leaderboards showing who has gifted the most subs. This highlights top contributors, who also get a badge next to their name if they’re at the top.

Receiving a gifted sub benefits the streamer too. The streamer gets income and gains a viewer who feels like part of the community. 

Building a community is key to a successful Twitch channel, and having viewers as subs helps with this. Does someone have to subscribe to feel part of the community? No, but being subbed can make some viewers feel more connected.

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