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On April 24, 2012, Google celebrated the birthday of Gideon Sundback, the Swedish-American engineer known for his significant contribution to the development of the zipper. However, Google didn’t just offer a simple Doodle to mark the occasion; they went a step further with a whimsical Google Zipper Easter egg.

This hidden feature added an element of surprise and delight to Google’s homepage. Instead of the usual Google logo, you were greeted with an enormous, interactive zipper. Click on it, and the magic happened! The zipper “unzipped” the Google logo to reveal search results related to Gideon Sundback and his invention.

Google Zipper was a playful nod to the man behind one of the everyday items we often take for granted—the zipper. It showcased Google’s creativity in adding a touch of fun and surprise to the otherwise straightforward act of conducting an online search.

While Google Zipper might have been a temporary addition to the Google homepage, it serves as a reminder of the company’s penchant for blending technology and creativity in unexpected ways. It’s an example of how Google occasionally surprises and delights users with these charming Easter eggs.

So, if you’re in the mood for a little digital time travel back to 2012 and want to experience the fun of unzipping a Google logo, Google Zipper is the perfect playful detour.

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