Citydle – Daily Guess The City Game

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Welcome to Citydle, the ultimate city-guessing game that challenges your knowledge of urban landscapes from around the world! If you’re a city enthusiast or simply love geography, Citydle is the perfect daily puzzle for you. Similar to the popular Wordle game, Citydle offers a thrilling guessing experience where you try to decipher the name of the city.

Each day, you’ll be presented with a new city to guess. Your goal is to identify the city’s name using a limited number of tries, similar to Wordle. The answers you’ll be guessing tend to be larger cities and world capitals, adding an exciting twist to the guessing game.

Citydle provides an engaging way to explore your knowledge of cities and test your memory of world capitals. From iconic metropolises to hidden gems, you’ll encounter a diverse range of cities in this addictive daily game.

Challenge yourself and broaden your horizons with Citydle! Put your urban knowledge to the test, learn new facts about different cities, and immerse yourself in the world of geography-based fun. Can you guess the city? Play Citydle now and embark on a captivating journey through cityscapes and landmarks!

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