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Welcome to A Small World Cup, where soccer meets hilarity! In this funny two-player soccer game, you’ll experience a whole new level of amusement on the field. Your team consists of rag-doll players, and your goal is to slam them against the ball to score goals.

Take on the role of a skilled soccer champion and lead your rag-doll team to victory. The game offers a fun and addicting soccer experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

Select your favorite team and engage in thrilling matches against opponents. Defeat them one by one to claim the championship title and become the ultimate soccer champion in this small, yet incredibly entertaining world cup.

Whether you’re playing against your friends or challenging the AI, the laughter and excitement never end. Experience the unique and comedic gameplay that sets A Small World Cup apart from traditional soccer games.

Note: Get ready for funny soccer fun with A Small World Cup! Control your rag-doll players, slam the ball, and score spectacular goals in this addictive two-player soccer game. Compete to become the champion of this small, but incredibly entertaining world cup. Let the soccer hilarity begin!

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